There’s A First Time for Everything

Okay, so I used to not believe the title, but today, I’m not so sure. After almost 11 years of driving, I got in my first minor accident. I was so frustrated!! Just a little fender bender, the driver of hte massive truck in front of me didn’t even realize I had bumped him. My car is okay, I guess, except for the crack in the front. Haven and I are fine, she said ‘Mommy, we bumped’ which she really enjoys, but I am praying that the insurance will be able to handle it, even if our rates go up slightly. My husband is great! He hardly ever gets mad, just frustrated, and although, I could tell he was not pleased with my lack of good driving, he was calm. His attitude is, ‘It’s just a car, it’s goign to happen’ (much like my dad) and I am thinking ‘Man, I got another dent in my car’. I guess it could be worse, so I am very thankful that we weren’t hurt, especially Haven, but still, if that guy didn’t have a trailor hitch, all would be well. So, if you could pray that it doesn’t cost too much to fix, that we can also throw my broken windhsield into the mix and see if they will pay for that too. It just seems like sometimes when it rains it pours and things happen all at once. (that eventually cost money) I still think we should go back to bartering things like way back when, but I guess such is life. God is still God, He protected us and kept us safe as He always does. He is still in control!



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  1. Anonymous

    Kara!! I had no idea!!!!! Saw you just a few minutes this morning, no time to really talk. I’m so thankful the Lord was watching over you and Haven. Accidents are so scary, and you’re right. You have a wonderful husband. Let me know what the insurance does. . .


    PS- Are you really posting at one in the morning?! 🙂

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