Hot, Hot, HOT!

Okay, it’s really hot today. It’s 90 degrees and it’s even hotter inside because our air conditioner died on us yesterday. I have since gotten some fans, and opened the windows, but it doesn’t reallly seem to help. I am praying it just kicks back on instead of us having to have someone come out and look at it.
This weekend was busy! We had a family reunion for my father in law’s side of the family Saturday morning/afternoon and then Saturday around 4:00, we went to my mom and dad’s house to celebrate his birthday. (which was Sunday) It was fun! Sometimes it’s good just to hang out with my parents. We don’t seem to get up that way much, so it’s nice to just chill out. My brother and sister in law couldn’t make it and we missed them, but it was still fun. We also got to keep the babies in the nursery on Sunday morning. That was fun too. There wasn’t too many, which was great, since it was just Micah and I watching them. Haven had fun in her class too. She said she learned about dragons, which I am sure isn’t true. She has this dragon fettish these days…..she did say she watched Veggie Tales and colored a really pretty picture which consisted of crayon scribbles, but it was a masterpiece!! We have been really blessed by New Heights Church. Everyone has such sweet hearts and have really tried to welcome us! But there is one thing I have learned from reading Tommy Tenney books, and that is that we go to church not to be blessed but to bless the Father, to focus and worship Him, not to come with our own agenda of what we can ‘learn’ or gain from the message. It’s been a good perspective change for me and I still struggle, but it’s getting easier.
Well, I am going to enjoy my McAlister’s tea while Haven is asleep and try to stay cool!


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