God’s Timing

It has been so crazy, the past few days that I have forgotten to share what the Lord is doing in my life as far as provision. Just last week, the Lord opened two doors for some extra income I can do from home. I am so grateful. One of them is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. And I am able to stay home with Haven too! He is so good. The other I am a little nervous about, feel somewhat inadequate, but a dear friend spoke a word over me this morning and she said ‘Be assured that God has already equipped you for whatever road he takes you down. You just need to walk in that truth!’ I am speaking that today and just walking in it. I start training tomorrow, so I am getting excited. The other job, I can do training from home, so say a little prayer that the Lord would help me manage both training and retain the knowledge. And thank you Lord for always providing in YOUR time, not ours. We are truly blessed!


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  1. Steph

    Your going to do great at this job. I’m glad that you have this opportunity. Love ya

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