Busy, Busy

I know it’s been awhile! I’ve been very busy lately. I started training to become a loan officer (aka: selling loans) with my sister in law, Kelley last week. I have been training Monday, wednesdays, and Fridays for the past few weeks. My dear, sweet mom has watched Haven while I learn. It’s a lot of stuff to know, but I am learning a whole new world and language!!! It’s been fun to learn something new and be able to eventually do it from home, while I train for medical transcription!:) I am also cleaning houses every other week, so it’s been an overwhelming blessing from the Lord to have doors opened. We got our AC fixed, so that is a definite praise and provision. It only cost 2.00 to get a new fuse and it was fixed! My uncle is a true genious. (he fixes AC’s for a living, so we called him up and told him what it was doing, or NOT doing, and he walked us through it over the phone) No charge, except making him a sugar free apple pie…..
Just a random tidbit, gas prices are INSANE lately. Here at our little gas station on the corner in Farmnington, it’s 2.68 today!! Good thing I don’t get out much! My poor husband has to drive to Rogers everyday, so we are thankful that he has good gas mileage. God is good, even in the little things!
I hope this finds everyone enjoying the rest of their summers with kids, and each other and ready for school to start, cooler weather, (bring on FALL!!) fall Bible Study (for the WINGS ladies) and Razorback football!!!(GO HOGS!!)
Take care,


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