Letting Go

I am using a lap top that my husband is letting me use for work and it has been so fun!! I found this picture of Haven from about a year and a half ago and thought I would post it. She is such a joy. Just so grown up and getting so big. She is getting more aware of her consequnences to her actions. Today, she was playing with Gage, and she wanted him to get in the ‘train’ with her. The ‘train’ is actually in the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom. Gage gets pulled in by his collar and is very tolerant. I told her that she needed to let him go, and she said ‘But mommy, I don’t want to, Gage wants to stay here’. It just struck me, that that is how we are with our children. (or at least I am anyway) We dedicated Haven when she was 9 months on Mother’s Day, but we gave her to the Lord the day she was born. He entrusted us with her to raise and bring up in Him, but we gave her back to Him, as she is HIS, not ours. It is so hard, and I know that there are other times in a child’s life where you have to ‘let go’. When they turn 18 and are able to make their own decisions, and you trust and pray that they make the right ones. When they leave home, go to college, get married, ect. I know we are no where near that point, but it just hit me that we are to give our childre, our things that are entrusted to us back to our Lord who gave them to us in the first place. They aren’t ours. When I got married, it was the same thing of letting my husband go and just giving Him to the Father, not worrying or clinging too tightly, but just trusting that the Lord was going to take care of Him. For me, sometimes it’s a daily process, but the Lord wants us, just like Haven wanted Gage to stay with her in her ‘train’. She reluctantly let him go, but she knew that she wasn’t doing what she should have by holing him too closely. (and tightly)It seems like the things you love the most in your lives, you struggle with truly letting go. I am just so thankful He never leaves us nor forsakes us and takes us just as we are!
So, that was my little life lesson today from Haven and our dog, Gage. It seems the Lord continues to teach me so many things through our sweet Haven.
Have a great day with Jesus.
Don’t hold on too tightly,



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2 responses to “Letting Go

  1. Steph

    I love this picture. It’s on my desktop. Great entry. I haven’t seen you lately and I miss you. Well I hope you have a good week end. Love ya

  2. Kara

    I miss you too! Maybe we’ll see each other this weekend, but I know I’ll see you sometime next week at Legacy….Love you!!

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