Kids are so sweet

This is my sweet nephew Cambron. This morning he came by (they live on the other side of the duplex) and knocked on the door. He said ‘Is Haven awake? I want to say hi’. It was too sweet! It’s been fun at this stage in their lives, they are both so into each other and enjoy playing together. He is such a protector and Haven does everything he does! (and wants to do, such as playing baseball when she gets older…)She always asks where Cambron and Kelley is and wants to know at all times, just in case.:) Anyway, I am very thankful that we are able to live so close–Haven has literally grown up with him as her next door neighbor, so when they move, she’ll have to not knock on their door all the time!!:)
I think the Lord gives us children so that we can be reminded of how simple things can be and how much He loves us be entrusting them to us! What an awesome God we serve!
Cambron, you’ll have to have your mom show you this! You’re famous! Thank you for being such a helper with Haven and a protector of her. She loves you so much and so do we! And we love your mommy so much! You are her sunshine, and the coolest guy around!!



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  1. Kelley Laney

    Oh! That is the sweetest thing ever! I know what you mean by “taking it for granted”…we will miss you guys so much. But, really I can’t wait for Haven to be able to come over when we finish out “farm”. Maybe we can buy her some chickens to go with Cambron’s and she can come feed them and take care of them:)We’ve already decided that we are going to make it our little farm. I really look forward to being able to helping Mom out by having family get togethers at my new house some Sunday’s or just hangout times. I always wish there were more times that we just got together at someone’s house – not just mom & dads. I love you and I look forward to a wonderful future as your sister and your children’s Auntie Kelley! P.S. I wish you guys would start building out there too!?!

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