Swimming and being 3

Sunday we went over to my in laws to swim and eat dinner. Haven usually enjoys playing on the steps and has recently started getting in the water by herself with floaties on and ‘swimming’. There were several other kids there that afternoon, so she was a little timid at getting in, so I went inside to hang out while Micah was out there with her. I looked out the window every once in awhile and noticed her jumping to Micah from the edge of the pool. I went out there, and saw my newly-turned 3 year old jumping in the water and going all the way under the water and coming up and doing it all over again, while my husband watched her. I was so amazed at this awesome milestone, that I started crying, because I knew that she was not a baby anymore and she had observed the other children and then decided to just do it on her own too! She hasn’t quite mastered holding your mouth shut while under water, but she did great! And she was so proud!
Okay, I promise not every entry will be about Haven, but it seems, at this season in our lives, that she is just doing new things, and saying new things every day, and it’s hard not to just be amazed at how the Lord is growing and developing her. I don’t know when baby #2 is going to be coming in our family, but when it does, I know Haven will be so ready. She is such a helper and helps Ms. Katherine with her baby boy. (although the other day, she got a time out b/c Katherine had asked her to not shoot the nerf gun at people and she turned around and shot baby Carter in the head) So, she has her moments, but overall, she truly is a joy and it has been a privilege and challenge to raise her up in the Lord and to love Him!
Much love-


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