Cousins and Best Friends

This is my cousin and best friend, Erin. I don’t know that I have talked about her before, but thought I would today. Her birthday is October 13th, but she is coming home this weekend to hang out! She lives, for the moment, in Norman, Oklahoma. She is involved in Student Mobilization on the campus of OU, Oklahoma University. (GO HOGS!!)The Lord has provided a new home for her with some room mates and she has been really enjoying it more than when she first moved. It was an adjustment. I am so thankful that she is adjusting better and has some new friends–speaking of, I mentioned she is my best friend. We grew up together and have always been close. She is about a year and a half older than me–she stayed at our house every day when she was little and played with me and my brother while her mom worked. We have always been close-done stuff together, she would get mad at me when we ‘sang’ Amy Grant songs and I didn’t sing the right words. Good ‘ol 80’s! We went on vacations together, and still do sometimes, but I miss her a lot!! We did a lot more when she was here, having game nights and Taco Soup, but now we get by with phone calls and e-mails. She is Haven’s second mom, and Haven loves her and vice versa. I am so blessed that I have a best friend and a cousin–we laugh and are silly-crazy!! It’s like we are kids again when we get together because we are always laughing at something, Micah makes fun of us!:)
So, Erin, if you are reading this, I love you and can’t wait to see you this weekend! I know you aren’t 20 minutes away anymore and we can’t have our game nights like we used to, but I am so thankful that you are where the Lord has you to be. I am so thankful for our history that we have and being best friends and just being silly togehter, no matter what our age!!:) You will always be my best friend and I pray that God would continue to light your path and mold you—that the OU students would see Him radiating through you, as I do, but that you would also have the boldness to just speak what He has you to say!!
I love you. See you soon,



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2 responses to “Cousins and Best Friends

  1. Erin

    Hey Kara Bara! i love you so much! that was the sweetest blog ever! I can’t wait to see you this weekend and I promise to let you sing all the wrong words to all the Amy Grant songs you want!

  2. Steph

    fHope you guys have a blast!!! Oh and I like the new layout

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