Orange Juice and Baby Dolls

Yesterday was my day off from work and Haven and I spent time together at home after Bible Study. We ate lunch and then played a little bit. I was doing something (can’t remember) and she said ‘Mooom, come here.’ So I went back to her room, and she said ‘Look what Haven did’ with her sweet little face. I looked, and she had poured orange juice all over her baby dolls, on her rocking chair, rocking horse, and her doll house. I had to wash doll clothes yesterday! Agghh! I really think that 3, for me at this time, is worse than her being 2! And she’s only be 3 for a month!! So, I am really praying that the Lord would supernaturally give me the grace and patience to respond the way I need to. She also hasn’t been taking her naps, which doesn’t help at all! I know she still needs them, by the fits she throws for literally no reason. She also likes to throw things when she is in a bad mood. (like throwing my keys in the front of the car from her car seat in the back seat)But other than those things, she truly is a joy and makes me laugh by the things she says, and I am trying to just continue to instill in her what I need to. And hopefully, some of this is normal for her age too. (I hope)
So, it’s nice to have a little break today, although Katherine assures me that she is really good for her at her house, and obeys, except for those few incidents.
But I love her all the same and would do anything for her! God is good all the time!!


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