Okay, so finally the HOGS win this weekend! We were all excited to learn about it, although they played Louisiana-Monroe, sometiems you just never know with the HOGS these days. Another favorite team, for Micah, the Braves, lost in the 18th inning, by a score of 7-6. I was told this was a first time thing for the play offs. They are now out of the play offs and he was pretty bummed. But hey, at least our HOGS pulled one out!
Haven is finally feeling better too. She started not feeling well Thursday with a fever, and then it turned into a yucky cough with stuff coming out of her nose…we stayed home Friday so she could get well, and she still didn’t start really feeling good until last night. It’s so hard to see them sick, especially with Haven, she just wanted me to hold her and watch movies, she didn’t even say a whole lot or play much. Sad stuff. But this morning on the way to work, she noticed there was water on the car, from it being so cold this morning. She asked ‘Mommy, it isn’t raining outside, but there is water on the window’. Pretty smart stuff from a 3 year old. It amazes me every day just how smart they really are and how they think. (or sometimes don’t think)
We were able to get out a little Saturday to see my cousin who was in town for the weekend. We went to the Flying Burrito. Good stuff! It was good to see her, although, short. And she also got to see Haven, which I think made her weekend! So it was a pretty good weekend, beautiful weather, and the HOGS won!
Have a great week!



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2 responses to “Finally!!

  1. Anonymous

    Woo Pig Sooie!!! Hi, Girl, I keep forgetting to check your blogs. . . glad you had fun w/ Erin in town. Flying Burrito is some yummy stuff. Forgot to ask how your mom’s trip to Israel went. . . let me know. See you soon.


    PS – A friend of mine suggested the Bible Study workbook, Discipline Them and Love Them. I think I’m going to check it out.

  2. Kara

    Hey. Thank you for asking. She doesn’t get back until this coming Tuesday, but she is doing good, busy, but good, and safe.

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