Kids say the Darndest Things…

Okay, everyone has said ‘You need to write that down’ of some of the things that Haven has been saying lately. But when she says them, it’s so hard to really remember, becuase we are usually in the car or some random place where I don’t have a pen and paper on hand. Today, we prayed before lunch, and she said ‘Mommy, you have to pray like this’ (and closed her eyes) So, I prayed with my eyes closed. explaining that you can in fact pray with your eyes open, Jesus hears us no matter what! She has also been pulling up her shirt at random times (when it’s just me and her and Micah, thank the Lord) and saying ‘Mine are little’, referring to her chest. Not sure how that got started, but we have discussed only to say that at home with just mommy. She is also starting to say some not so sweet things like when I pick her up to put her in her car seat and she doesn’t want to go ‘Mommy, put me down!and growl a little for effect. But it’s mainly sweet times, when she danced for Micah and I in the living room the other night to her praise and worship CD for kids. Or when I watch her with babies. You can definitely see that will start to come out–I’m just thankful the Lord sustains me, even during these crazy times where I don’t know how Haven is really going to turn out. Only the Lord knows. We were talking in our Bible Study this morning about how the Lord knew us when our moms were pregnant with us, and how He could see us blanketed in the womb, sucking our thumbs, and just how HE knows us that much, He is waiting to pour out His blessings on us if we only believe He is who He says He is and He will do what He says He will do in His time.
Better go. It’s very quiet back in Haven’s room. Usually means something is up….
Keep believing,


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