The weekend

We had a great weekend. Saturday Haven and I went to help my Aunt Wanda paint some furniture for her sale in November. We then went on a date with Micah Saturday night and went to find our sweet dog, Gage a sweater for the cold weather to come. No luck on the sweater, but we had fun and went to Barnes and Noble and let Haven play a little bit in the kids section. Sunday we went to church and then to Tim’s Pizza on the square in Fayetteville. A sweet baby was there in his carrier and the place wasn’t too crowded yet, so Haven was able to ‘focus’ her attention on him. She asked ‘Mommy, do we have a baby’? I almost cried, and said ‘No, we don’t, not yet.’ She seemed to be okay with that answer thankfully. Just sweet, the innocence of a 3 year old. We then went to my in laws last night for dinner. My brother in law, John Mark, and his soon to be wife, Stephanie brought her flower girl dress for her to try on. She was so sweet and looked so beautiful in it! I don’t know what I am going to do when she gets married!:) Or what her daddy is going to do! She got in the car when we were on our way home and I said ‘Haven, you looked so pretty in your dress’ and she said ‘Can I hold Cambron’s hand?’ Her cousin Cambron, is goign to be a ring bearer, and she is so excited to go down the aisle with him!:) It will be a beautiful wedding! Everyone is excited about the upcoming event! Stephanie is a sweetheart and her and JM are so sweet together. They remind me so much of Micah and I, and the fact that they are our age when we got married. Uncanny!
Well, enjoy the rain today. On our way to work this morning, Haven and I saw a rainbow. She was so excited and we named all the colors we saw in it, and thanked the Lord for the beautiful creation. Speaking of the Lord, Haven had something that was hurting her this weekend, and after awhile, she said ‘Mommy, it feels better!’ And I said, ‘Thank you Jesus for healing Haven!, Haven, can you say thank you to Jesus for making your owie feel better?’ And her response was, ‘Mommy, Jesus isn’t here’.:)
Have a great day! Isn’t it awesome that our God is always with us, no matter what!?!


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