A day in the life…

Yesterday was Tuesday, and, although I usually don’t work on a Tuesday, I had the opportunity to work. I didn’t have anyone to watch Haven, so she came to the office with me. I thought maybe noon would be the best time to leave, due to her 3 year old tendencies to get bored easily. But she stayed all day long! Her aunt Kelley kept her busy for awhile and played with her for a while. Then Haven played by herself for a while and pretended to be ‘working’ and answering the phone for us. Then she dumped out all the paperclips and rubber bands on the floor and preceded to put them in ‘her house’. Too fun! It was a long day for both of us, but she did really good! Then got to go to her aunt Kelley’s last night for awhile and play with Cambron. She came away with her cousin’s jammies on and stories to tell her daddy about what fun she had!!

Keep believing,


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