Nonstop Weekend

My sweet hubby was out of town in Colorado skiing since Thursday. I haven’t slept real well since then, but I have had a lot of fun. Some of the things we did this weekend while Micah was away was:

*Thursday night we went over to my sister in laws and ate popcorn and watched a movie
*Friday Haven came to work with me and Kelley and Cambron and they watched movies here at work and played while Kelley and I were bored to death.
*ate lunch with my mother and sisters in law on Friday at the new Noodle’s in Fayetteville
*went to see Yours, Mine and Ours with the in laws Friday night while Haven got to go to her Aunt Wanny’s (my Aunt Wanda) house, then came back to my in laws house to watch War of the Worlds. Not a fan of Tom Cruise, but Dakota Fanning was awesome!
*Saturday went to Betty’s house for lunch and play in her new back yard.
*then to my Aunt Wanda’s house for a nap and then we both spent the night so I could spend some time with my cousin Erin and have fun!
*went to church with my aunt and cousin Sunday morning and then out to lunch
*spent a few hours at home before going over to my in laws house so Haven could see her other nana and we watched The Polar Express. (AWESOME movie!)
A highlight of my weekend, besides the fact that I got to see my best friend and cousin Erin and laugh and hang out, and the fact that my sweet hubby finally arrived early this morning at 5 am, was the fact that I got to use the new Pumpkin Spice creamer in my morning coffee. Yummy stuff!!!!!!! Thanks Erin.
Glad to be back to ‘normal’ and also have my husband home. I missed him so much, but glad he had fun skiing and made it home safe.


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