The above title was Haven’s first performance. Her and her friends sang for all their mommies at Bible study this morning. She sang J-O-N-A-H to the tune of B-I-N-G-O, except the first part started ‘There was a man inside a fish, and Jonah was his name-O. It was very cute, although, by the time she was done with that song, she was playing with another little boy and had gotten off the stage and walked in front of all the other little kids to her friend Jackson, and she said “HI Jackson”, while Jackson was singing! So, this weekend will be quite interesting with her standing up at the wedding of my brother’s (in-law) wedding. She is the flower girl and I am just so excited but a little nervous for her! She was so proud of her song though and while eating lunch and talking about her ‘performance’ today, she said ‘And mommy, I stayed in line!’ All the kids had walked up in single file fashion to the stage. It was so sweet. And then at the end when I picked her up, they gave me a card that said she went to the potty, how she did, ect. It said on there that she enjoyed playing with and it left a blank for the teacher to fill in. It said ‘trucks’. šŸ™‚
I also learned this morning about my fears and discouragements and how Satan knows those fears I have and always enjoys making those more known to me. I can tell that he has already been in the works the past few months….but I am standing on the WORD and realizing who I am in Christ takes on a whole new meaning for me! I will miss Beth Moore the next few weeks! We don’t go back until January 17th! The Lord has used her mightily to speak to millions of women and it seems as if she (the Lord through her) is only talking to me. Amazing!
Keep believing,


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