I have to testify

I have to testify about how great our God is! Tuesday afternoon Haven was complaining about her neck hurting, that she had fallen and hurt it. We put a band aid on it and I put her down for her nap. When she woke up, she couldn’t move and when she did, it hurt. She didn’t want to get up and walk, she wanted me to carry her. So I carried her to the couch and we watched movies for awhile. It seemed every time I would move, she would cry b/c it hurt so much. I called the pediatric clinic and they said it was probably just a crick, give her some Motrin, and that if she starts getting a fever or throwing up, to take her to the ER immediately. I called both my moms and they said there could be a concern of meningitis. (which is what the clinic had said, but didn’t actually say meningitis or I probably would’ve freaked!)So we had several people praying, our community group leaders and a few dear friends and family were interceding for us! She did fine and Wednesday went to Miss Katherine’s house. Her neck was still a bit sore and she cried when I put her shirt on that morning, but otherwise she was good. Katherine called yesterday afternoon and told me that she was complaining that her neck hurt and Katherine took her temp and it was 99.5. I went ahead and made an appointment with the clinic and we were able to get her in fairly quickly. Mind you, I was prayin and reading scripture this whole time and even before I found out she had a fever, I was nervous all morning, just worrying. I knew that the Lord had her in HIS hands and she was HIS. Beth Moore had just spoke on Tuesday morning about how Satan gets us where we are most vulnerable. (for me fear and discouragement) I just didn’t want anything to happen to my baby. We went to the clininc and they said that it was her muscles in her neck that were tight and felt like ‘ropes’ and to put a warm wash cloth on her neck and continue to give her Motrin. If she did have meningits, it would coincide with a high fever and throwing up, and that she would probably not be able to move her limbs. (she was crawling on the floor and table in the clinic) Anyway, God is good! We are praying and believing for the healing of her neck and the muscles. The Lord gave me several scriptures when I opened the Word yesterday. I usually don’t just read whatever verse I open up to, but yesterday, my brain was so frazzled, that that was all I could do, and He just really spoke! Psalm 46 and Psalm 145. Thank you God for who you are in our lives and for how you continually keep us in Your hands, no matter what the outcome!!
We have a wedding to go to this weekend, so pray all goes well and for Haven’s health.
Keep believing,


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