Going to the chapel….or church

We went to my brother in law’s wedding this weekend. It was beautiful and Haven did a good job fulfilling her flower girl duties. She threw flowers from a red satin purse that matched her dress sash, and she did a great job, however, when she got on stage, she began to pick them back up again.:)The reception was beautiful and my wonderful husband and I got to dance together. Very fun! Stephanie was beautiful and JM was as well. It’s so exciting to see two people become one in the Lord. It’s hard to believe that Micah and I got married when JM was like 12!! God is so good to provide us with our spouses, it just reminds me of what a true miracle from the Lord it is!
In other news, we found out this weekend that my brother and his wife are expecting!! I will be an aunt, for the first time on my side of the family!!!! Yay. Be praying for a healthy pregnancy and for my sister in law, Jill, to start feeling better.
Thank you Lord for the miracles!!
Have a great Monday and keep believing!



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2 responses to “Going to the chapel….or church

  1. Brittany Rosehttp://www.xanga.com/BlosomingRose

    Hey Kara! Thanks for commenting on my xanga. The wedding was definitly gorgeous, and Haven was an excellent flower girl. I have never seen a flower girl so determined to get the flowers on the ground. 🙂 She is so precious, a reflection of her parents I am sure. I hope you have a wonderful day. ><>Brittany Rose<><

  2. Kara

    She is definitely determined, that’s for sure!:) She had a good time though and carries that purse around everyhwere!:)
    Take care-

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