In the words of a Haven

Our sweet daughter Haven is the funniest girl. She has been saying things lately that just crack us up. A few of those things are:
‘Mommy, look at the pretty Christmas lights. God MADE those’.
‘I’ll wake up in just a minute mommy’.
As she looks at the smoke in the sky, coming from a building, she says ‘Mommy, I am waving at the oven over there’.
‘When I get as tall and big as you, I can go to ‘that’ school’ (meaning high school)
‘Guess what mom?! Did you know that you can pray when you are scared?’
I did my hair curly this morning and she noticed and said ‘Mommy, your hair is so cute’.
Micah and I were just commenting last night how she is just growing up and starting to say more and more things.
What fun!
Keep believing,



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2 responses to “In the words of a Haven

  1. Jennifer Brewer

    hi kara! thanks for commenting me. it was so nice meeting you this weekend. i wish we could have talked more. it was pretty busy! you and haven both looked so cute. she is a doll. i look forward to hearing and seeing the cute things that sophie does as she grows into a little girl.

    take care and have a great weekend!

    jennifer brewer

  2. Valerie Dykstra

    Kara it was nice to meet you and the rest of the crew at the wedding. The most ironic thing happened, I was planning to look you up in “blogland” and as I was thinking about how to do that, I found you had posted a note on mine.

    Haven was a adorable addition to the wedding. You must have been so proud. I hope to see pictures as she grows.

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