Ate me some good Bueno

Went to Bueno Taco Bueno today for lunch with my sister Kelley. Good stuff and cheap. My hubby probably wouldn’t like it, but it was great to me!
Another funny Haven saying she said last night out of the blue was ‘That’s a bad deal mommy’. I cracked up!!! We weren’t even talking, she just said it!
We are going to do the family Christmas this week for both sides of the familia. The Laney side tomorrow morning at 9 and then the Bonner side (my mommy’s side) tomorrow at 11 in the morning. Then we are off to Branson for Saturday evening and Sunday to hang out with my parents, do a little shopping, and go to Silver Dollar City to see the lights. Should be a fun time for all.
Take care and keep believing,



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2 responses to “Ate me some good Bueno

  1. Jennifer Brewer

    hope you have fun in branson!

  2. Kara

    Thanks, we did have a good time this weekend. There were a bunch of lights at SDC. We are glad to be home though. Left a comment on your blog…..I think it was the one on Friday??

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