A silly hat

This is one of my favorite pictures, thus far. It was taken a few months ago while Haven was showing me the hat she made at Ms. Katherine’s house. They had a party and made hats when she pooped in the potty.:) Of course, we are still working on that, but we are so thankful that Ms. Katherine is so creative and thoughtful to do that! She sure had fun making them with Kyle and Megan!
Almost ready for Christmas. I am having trouble trying to figure out what to make for Christmas lunch. My mom and dad are coming over for Christmas this year. It’s the first time ever that we haven’t had it at their house, so I am excited. If you guys can think of something yummy (and quick and easy) to make, please let me know. I am out of ideas….
Other than that, I am ready for Christmas and am excited to spend time with my family.
Keep believing,



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3 responses to “A silly hat

  1. Steph

    I love this picture too. She is getting so big. I love her so much. It was good to see you today

  2. Kara

    You too. I love how she calls you Miss Stephanie. We even told her before the wedding that she can call you Aunt Stephanie, and she still calls you the latter.:) It was good to see you today too. You look so good and very happy.:) I love to see your sweet face. Am shopping on potterybarn.com thinking how lucky you guys are to have that extra to spend!!:) I am planning to get a few things that are on sale hopefully after Christmas.
    Love you!

  3. mindi11

    this picture is really really good. 🙂 i love it!

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