Razorback Game

Another fun thing we did over the holiday weekend was go to a Razorback Basketball game with Cambron, Kelley, dad, and Stephanie and JM. The HOGS won and Kelley got some great pictures of Cambron and Haven having fun!



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6 responses to “Razorback Game

  1. Kelley

    You noticed you posted the same picture twice? I love you!

  2. Kara

    No, I didn’t, I’ll correct it. Thanks.:)

  3. Jennifer Brewer

    They are so cute! I bet that was fun!

  4. Anonymous


    these pictures are GREAT!! it looks like haven might have a new haircut? bangs, maybe? it looks cute, whatever is different. looking fwd to seeing you soon.


  5. Steph

    We don’t mind seeing them oth twice—they are so darn cute!!! Love ya

  6. Kara

    I just pulled Haven’s hair back on the side a bit and she is getting bangs ever so slowly.:)
    No haircut yet.

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