Our Mouths

Yesterday in my Bible Study we learned about our mouths and how we can INHALE the Word and then EXHALE (speak it). How Satan can’t read our minds, but how he trembles and flees when we SPEAK the Word! It is always so good to be reminded, and I for one struggle with speaking out anyway, but truly speaking scripture over my family, Haven, ect. Also to be challenged to write down on index cards the verses the Lord gives us for the different seasons in our lives. That is on my to-do list this week. It would be so awesome to be able to speak it with Haven and talk and memorize them together in the car, at home, ect.
I also heard of a great idea of speaking scripture into your children. Instead of saying ‘Haven, don’t do that, ect’ instead maybe say ‘Haven, God has given you self control, you need to use it’ or something along those lines.
I am just learning daily about how the Lord wants to work in and through us and how far I have to go as His daughter…….
Keep believing,


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  1. Jennifer Brewer

    very good idea about speaking scriptures to your children! i heard something on the radio from proverbs 31 ministries about taching small children memory verses by having them draw pictures of what short verses (in alphabetical order) mean to them. i think they have a list online. anyway, i want sophie to know the word, too. I want to know the Word, too!

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