A Poem

It was so hard for me to see why

I had to let you go and say goodbye.

I only knew you for a little while,

In that little time, you made me smile.

I had such a strong sense of you inside me,

It was hard for me to finally see;

That you were truly gone and I wouldn’t get to see you,

But Jesus wanted you with Him and He knew.

That your life was His and He wanted you more.

To hold, and love, to cherish, and adore.

As I process through the loss of you,

It helps me know you are with the other two.

There are three of you with Jesus now,

Through the loss of you, I can find out how.

To go through the losses, yet still remain,

Steadfast and believing, His Word I’ve claimed.

To speak that which the Lord has spoken over me,

That He is my Redeemer and Satan has to flee!

The name of Jesus, where every knee will bow and every tongue confess,

That He is the Lord and in Him I can express.

What’s deep down inside, that no one else can see,

I don’t have to hide, He knows the real me.

I am not the same person I was before,

He is molding me and refining me to be much more.

He gives grace to the humble, and strength to the weak,

Bringing glory to Him is what I seek.

I know as I go through this journey of life,

It won’t be without pain, sorrow or strife.

All I know to do is be in Jesus and believe,

That God is who He says He is and He will never leave.

He takes hold of my right hand and says ‘Do not fear’,

He takes my burdens on Himself and wipes away every tear.

My heart will ever seek after Him; I will seek Him first,

For Him alone do I truly hunger and thirst.

I consider all things a loss compared to knowing my King;

In truth, I’ve lost nothing; through Him I will sing.

A song to my Father for all He’s done,

I claim victory, although the battle’s already won.


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One response to “A Poem

  1. Jennifer Brewer

    what a beautiful, enouraging and inspired poem. you have a gift!

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