Oh, for the love….

I don’t know about you, but American Idol is my favorite show ever!!That, along with Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Everwood, and One Tree Hill. So, I guess I don’t have just one favorite, these are all my favorites!
A lot of these shows aren’t in my ‘age range’, but I sure do like watching them. We actually download these shows from our computer, so we get to watch it the next day. So, we watched American Idol last night, we watched both the Tuesday night and the Wednesday night episodes, and it, as always, was hilarious. Micah and I like to watch it together after Haven is asleep. We laugh so much together and they say ‘laughter is medicine for the soul’, or something like that. It has definitely been good to laugh these days. Micah was a bit onery last night, but I like that in him. It makes me laugh when he laughs. God is so good to send me a provider, my best friend EVER, a man who loves me like Christ loves the church. Thank you Jesus for Micah. Thank you that He is yours, that You are working and growing Micah to be who You want him to be. Thank You for speaking to his heart today.
I pray that I wouldn’t take this for granted and truly love on my husband and let him know how much I appreciate and honor him.
Okay, not sure how it got from A.I. to my sweet hubby, but both are great and make me laugh, so there you go.


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