Haven and Mommy Day

Yesterday, we had a ‘Haven and Mommy Day’. Since Haven has been sick, we slept in and didn’t go to Bible Study yesterday. We got dressed and went to a store in Fayetteville called ‘Once Upon A Child’. We got some great clothes for her for this summer and some for the winter. We then went to Rick’s and got her a ‘monster’ cookie and a cookie for myself. Yummy stuff! Then we had Old McDonald’s for lunch, her choice and went home and ate it. We played a bit outside, but since it was windy, we stayed inside mostly due to her cold. We attempted nap time, and that didn’t work, so she stayed in her room for a bit and then we got out and got some ice cream for a snack. Then we got to go to dinner with Cambron and Kelley, since Micah was working out with his buddies from the office. A little friend of Haven’s and Cambron’s had a birthday party at Lewis and Clark Outfitters, where they climbed the wall. Haven did great. She wasn’t afraid at all, just got right up there and had them put her harness on and away she went. She got only a little ways, but she did great and I was so proud!!!
Then it was home to see daddy and she got to stay up late and watch ‘The Incredibles’ with her daddy and have some time with him before she went to bed. It was a LONG day, but it was fun! We should have a monthly ‘Haven and Mommy Day’. đŸ™‚
Believing Him,
PS-I purchased the new Carrie Underwood CD yesterday too! AWESOME!! Erin, #8 is a good one, but I like ‘Some Hearts’ too!


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