My Haven

I think this might have been a title I have used before, but it seemed very appropriate for this post. When I am driving without Haven in the car, it seems the best time for the Lord to really speak to my heart and have no other distractions. (besides the traffic of course)
On Monday of this week, the Lord spoke to me while I was driving. I was just thinking about Haven and how big she is getting and how she is getting ready to go to school this fall. And I was praying that she would be a haven for her friends that she meets. I have noticed that, when she is around people, and someone cries, she just really is intrigued. She will stop what she is doing and really look at that person, and at times, if she knows the person, will go over and ask if they are okay. Not just ask, but will put her hand on them, or her arm around them. She did that last week while I was helping watch her class at our Tuesday morning Bible Study. I just watched her. So, I have been praying that over her. We prayed that as we were picking out names when I was pregnant with her and felt that the Lord wanted us to name her Haven if it was a girl. We now know why.
So, back to driving, I was driving Monday thinking all the above, when the Lord clearly said ‘Kara, Haven has also been your haven these past few weeks.’ I almost had to pull over. It was so true. It hasn’t come with a perfect angel, but she has definitly sensed that I have been struggling. Like when she said ‘Mommy, I’ll take care of you’. And just giving me random hugs and kisses. She truly has been a safe place for me where I can be myself, and I pray that she is that for her friends in her class at school and that others will come to know Him as a result of our Haven. I pray that as I sense that in our daughter, I would be able to speak that over her and help her realize what a true asset to the Kingdom she is!! She is a daughter of the King, a Princess, and I pray that one day soon, she will come to know her King as her Lord and Savior!
Believing Him for His daughter,


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