Okay, so it’s just a blah day today. It’s kind of gloomy here, cloudy, cold, and exactly a month since we lost our baby. So, I am trying to stay busy and keep my mind on things ABOVE. I wish my hubby was with me today. I miss him! It has been such a long month! One of the longest of my life! I guess when you have hope and anticipation of something, it always makes the time go by slower.
I do have a brownie with cream cheese icing and m and m’s on top from Rick’s here at the office that Noma (a lady here at work) and I didn’t finish off yesterday, so that’s a plus. I know that food will not help my current state of mind, I’m not eluding to that, just that the brownie will taste oh so yummy with some coffee.:)
I am trying to go through and make a mental list of my blessings that the Lord has given me, especially on a day when I don’t feel like it.

*Jesus and Him in my heart
*my best friend Micah
*family and friends who cover me with prayer
*friends at work who make me laugh and have become like my family
*Katherine and her family-for allowing Haven to stay and teaching her what it means to be a daughter of Him and for treating her like their family
*that I have hope in Christ-that He sustains me on days like these and allows me to just rest in Him
*for peace that passes ALL understanding
*for the grief process and that it’s okay to have a hard day–that sometimes even when you think it’s all over and you are ‘moving on’ that it’s okay if you haven’t
*God sees our hearts and knows our needs and loves us just the same
*that God is teaching me how to live in Him and bring glory to Him
*for a wise, christian, DR. and nurse that encourage me through this season and make themselves available at any time I need to talk or have questions
*that this journey is nothing without Christ and Him inside of me, the hope of glory.

I will get through this with His help, and I know now, that it’s literally a daily process. Some days will be great, others not so great, but isn’t it awesome that I have Him to walk with me?? That I have friends and family that are standing in the gap for me.
Thank you Lord for these blessings and I pray that I wouldn’t take them for granted. Thank you for the gentle nudging for me to not only make a mental note of these blessings, but to also actually write them down.
Thank you for your hope.
Believing You,


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  1. Jennifer Brewer

    I will be praying for you Kara!

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