Donuts with the family

We are not much on eating out for breakfast, however, this mornning, we went to Rick’s once we woke up. We got there about 9:15 and waited in line for our yummy food. Since we don’t come on Saturdays, it was a surprise, yet, not, since we know Rick’s is the bomb on just about everything. I had their English Toffee coffee with a maple twist and Haven had about 10 donut holes, while Micah had an apple turnover. I was hoping that we would be able to sit at the bar where they make cakes and watch, but the seats were already taken. All in all, a great time with the fam and Haven always enjoys looking at all the cakes, petit fours, and cookies as well as all the yummy donuts.
Micah took some fun pictures with his new camera phone. I have yet to get mine, but hopefully this weekend sometime. Here in a bit, we will be off to Kayleen’s birthday party. She is 5, so she picked a ‘princess/ballerina’ party. We don’t have all the princess ballerina stuff, but my aunt did get Haven a dress up outfit that has a butterfly that you strap over her shoulders that goes on her back and a little skirt and some shoes, so we’ll do that and it should suffice. Hopefully we’ll get some good pictures of her.
I’ll catch ya up on the rest of the weekend on Monday.


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