The weekend

Had a great weekend. It ended on a great note, as Grey’s Anatomy was so good! WOW, what a great show!
I went to see a dear friend yesterday that I hadn’t seen in ages. It’s a type of friend, who although you don’t see or talk to each other in forever, the Lord just lets you pick up where you left off. She lives in Virginia now with her new husband and her mother passed away Friday morning. I had read the announcement in the paper and my mom had also let me know, so I really felt like I should be there. So Micah, Haven and I went to the viewing yesterday afternoon. It’s amazing how the life of a person truly impacts you, and moreso, when they are gone. My friend had such a peace and glow to her, as she always did, but a lot more now, as she knew her mother was in heaven, didn’t have anymore pain or suffering, and was able to be with her Lord. She had been sick for a long time—I pray that I can leave that kind of impact on my children and those around me, that fragrance of Christ.
In other news, I did get a cell phone finally. YAY! I had had one, but not recently, so it’s been fun, although no one has called me yet…….it does have a camera on it, so I’ll try and figure out how to download them and then post a few…..
The weekend ended with, as I said above, Grey’s Anatomy. That show is stinkin’ awesome and one of my very favorites. The writers are great and it has a good mix of drama and comedy.
Man, I need some chocolate!!!!


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