Only in Arkansas…

Yesterday was Haven and Mommy day again. We seem to have a lot of those lately, but it’s been so fun!! We went to WM and got my oil changed and got a few things, and then went to the park here in Farmington and it was so beautiful! She had a great time and enjoyed the swings and climbing on the ‘fake’ climbing wall they have in the play area.
We then went to ‘Old McDonald’s’ and took her Happy Meal home to eat it, all while watching Little House on the Prairie season 9. We watched it rain pretty hard and then that afternoon, it got pretty cold. It is now supposed to snow this weekend up to 3 inches. You never know though. Just crazy that yesterday it was 72 and today the high is like 37.
Tonight Micah and I are going on a date. Should be fun! We don’t get to do it much, so when we do, it is always special. I love him so much! I am finding out more and more the longer we are married how much he means to me and how more in love I am now then when we first met!!
Enjoy the weekend and hopefully it will snow some and we can stay inside and enjoy it and Haven can play outside and run around in it!:)


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