Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Can we say Franco Sarto??

If I had a saying to live to live by, I’m sure it would go something like this:

‘For every breath that we take, there should be a shoe to go along with it’.

It’s not really my saying, but pretty close.:) I do so enjoy shoes, but with a new budget and other responsibilities and expenses, these purchases are few and far between. This was definitely a splurge and blessing. We usually do the Target/Payless thing these days, so it was nice to be blessed with these babies. I got these new Franco Sarto boots this weekend on sale at Mason’s. My hubby paid for half of them, so it was quite nice. They are a bit lighter color than this, but otherwise, exactly the same!! I have never had cowboy boots in my life, even when I grew up in ‘Chickendale’ (Springdale) home of the 4th of July Rodeo. Anyway, it was fun and I am excited to get to wear them. I am glad they are in style now (they ARE in style now, right??) and not just for those who wear Wrangler jeans and listen to country music. (although I must say Carrie Underwood, Martina, Rascal Flatts, and so on ROCK!)
Okay, so you can tell that I have been literally stuck inside all weekend. We did go on our date night Friday night before it got yucky. But stayed in all day Saturday and I got out this afternoon only to run up to our Sonic here in town and get a large cherry diet coke. Other than that, it’s been inside! Praise the Lord Haven took a nap today, or it might have gotten interesting.:) She didn’t take one yesterday and it was such a long day with everyone in the house. But it’s been fun since it hasn’t snowed in forever here in NW Arkansas.
AND the HOGS beat Florida yesterday in OT 85-81. Florida is ranked 10, so it was great!!
Okay, I guess I’m through gabbing. That has been about the extent of our weekend thus far. Hopefully Micah and I will be able to go to work tomorrow and Haven will be able to go to Ms. Katherine’s, as I am sure she is wanting a different change of pace as well.


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  1. Micah

    That reminds me… You owe me half. 🙂

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