Okay, so I drove on the snow/ice this morning to work. The one thing about the lovely snow is that Arkansas only has like three snow plows in the whole state (that’s not really an accurate number, but it might as well be) and there was snow and ice still on the bypass, and it stated snowing late Friday night!
Anywhoo, Micah and I both made it to work and the Lord protected us from the crazy driver that was on my tail FOREVER and the ones that fly by at 70 MPH instead of like 30. I for one, am not the best on the snow and ice either, but I did go about 30 the whole way to work, instead of the speed limit. I tend to get real tense, so I am so grateful Haven was still sleepy when we left. I am not sure I could do it with many crazy, screaming children.:)
Grey’s Anatomy was AWESOME as always last night. My sweet hubby endured the hour with me. It’s not his favorite, but since he knows it’s mine, he watched it with me. Awwhh, how sweet.:)
It’s President’s Day today, and since the banks are closed, it might be a slow day here for us mortgage broker types.


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