Randomness Part 2

Okay, so today I don’t know if it’s me, the weather, or the fact that I am REALLY bored here at work, but I have that feeling again in my heart, it just hurts. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I know that want is SO there today. Like I said in earlier posts, it is a daily process and there are days when things are great, but other days like this, where it is so much harder. Something is said or we walk by somewhere or something reminds me and there is that prick in my heart, in my very being. It’s so amazing how the Lord made us, for the most part, sensitive in that way. Especially things that are close to our hearts, desires for ourselves, for others, our passions, ect.
A dear mentor of mine said that I should start writing these things down in order to get ready for when the Lord reveals when He wants me to speak to others and encourage them through these circumstances. I have felt led for some time and now am just waiting. Oh, the story of my life it seems during this season…..waiting. But it is in the waiting, that hope comes.


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