Haven is a pooping machine these days. Praise the …

Haven is a pooping machine these days. Praise the Lord I think she has mastered going in the potty, however, she does it ALL the time now, since she gets a treat. But it’s not just a little, it’s a ton, and I’m not quite sure where she put it before, becuase she never went that much, even in her pull ups. And she wants us to view the poo poo as well, so she announces she has to go and then does the deed and then wants us to come see it before flushing. It’s been fun.
Today was our Bible Study day and she had gotten my workbook for me so I could look something up once we were here at home. She saw the cross on it and she said ‘Mommy, this cross means church’. I tried to explain to her exactly what it meant and she said ‘Uh huh’.
My birthday is a bit of a time away, but I went ahead and started a wish list on amazon.com, as there are always things I think about that would be nice to have, but don’t have the extra to get it and a lot of it might be something I wouldn’t necessarily think to buy. It’s been fun. Kind of like Christmas all over again.:)
Well, off to hopefully watch a movie (Just Like Heaven) if Haven naps….we’ll see.


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