I am sick today. I woke up with my head stopped up…

I am sick today. I woke up with my head stopped up, along with my ears, itchy throat, watery, burning eys and the list goes on. AND it’s like 76 degrees today!
Haven had trouble sleeping last night complaining of her head and ears hurting, so I’m sure she passed it along to me. As a result, I didn’t feel like getting out to go to Bible Study this morning, but we did go to the park for a little while. Haven needed to go to the restroom, and at our local park here, they built some restrooms, but they were locked. I had turned me head to get Gage’s attention, and when I turned back around, Haven had pulled her pants down and squatted to go to the bathroom. There were at least 6 kids running around. That was definitely a first!
I ran to WM today to get some medicine for me and Haven, hopefully to help us out with our coughs/sinus/allergy issues. Oh, the joys of it being nice outside and then not so nice. I am praying we can both get naps today. My Benadryl is kicking in…….



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2 responses to “I am sick today. I woke up with my head stopped up…

  1. Jennifer Brewer

    hey kara-
    i hope you & haven get to feeling better very soon! i wanted to give you the recipe on the frittata’s. all you do is spray pan in a cupcake /mini-cupcake pan and then beat up some eggs (5-8 or so depending on how many you want to make) and then cut up whatever you’d like in your little omlettes- like ham,bacor, muchrooms, cheese, broccoli, chives, etc, etc and mix those up on a cutting board. put a little of the ingredient muxture in eqach cupcake hole and then fill in with the egg mixture. it is very easy! i cooked mine on 350 for about 10 min. does that make any sense? i hope so! take care!! jennifer

  2. Jennifer Brewer

    that would be “spray pam” in the cupcake pans. sorry!

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