Randomness Part 3

Okay, so if you know me, I’m all about random thoughts, random words, ect. since I am a thinker. Just some things that have happened:
*Went on a date with my husband on Friday night-went to Moe’s—it was good, a bit distracting at times when they yelled ‘Welcome to Moe’s!’ every time someone walked in the door. I also had to apologize to the lady b.c I was so short with her and not at all polite. So I went back and told her I was sorry.
*Then went to Barnes and Noble and had a frappuccino and caught up on some good mags.
*Went to Tulsa on Saturday with my aunt and Haven to visit my cousin for a day of shopping. We ate at P.F. Chang’s. It was so yummy! I am excited that we are going to be getting one here locally in Rogers pretty soon. And Haven did great eating with her chop sticks.
*We then spent the evening in the emergency room in Siloam Springs. If you have ever done that, I am sorry, but especially the one in Siloam. It was horrible! There was only one doctor and we waited for over 4 hours! But I am glad we did. To back it up, when we were using the restroom at a gas station, we cleaned out the truck a bit, and Haven always enjoys playingin the bed of ‘Aunt Wanny’s’ truck. She fell out of the back of it and was on her back when I got to her. A gentleman said she fell right on her head at an awkward angle. We felt around and didn’t feel any bumps. She was screaming so that was good that she wasn’t ‘in shock’ or unconcious. I was definitely calmer than I felt, although I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. A lady that was sweeping the parking lot (we were at the Burger King gas station there right before/after the toll booth) came over and said that she would be okay and that she would be praying for us. The minute she said that, I had a peace. I wish I had that ladies name and number now-she doesn’t know how she helped me! She stopped crying and we got in the car and drove to the SS hospital and waited. We then realized Haven was okay–she was pretending the wheel chairs were cars, going to the restroom every 5 minutes, drawing on things and ‘taking our orders’ and talking with strangers that were waiting. We were so thankful to the Lord and knew that an angel was there with Haven, as neither my aunt or I saw her, and don’t really know exactly the extent of her fall. God is so good and she did have some scrapes on her hands, but other than that, she is great. We had to check her every few hours that night, and look for strange behavior when we woke her, but she is fine. He sustained us as we waited, and as we just went through that whole process, working on guilt, ect.
*Helped my sister paint her new house Sunday afternoon with my cherry diet coke.
*Did some blood work on Monday morning to see why I have had the 3 miscarriages. Will know something hopefully on Friday.
*Our last Bible Study was yesterday. I will miss Beth Moore this summer–she has ministered to me so much this season.

That’s about it! It’s been a crazy week, but God is good….and it’s raining!!!


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One response to “Randomness Part 3

  1. mindi11

    i didn’t know we were getting a p.f. chang’s! woohoo! bella loves using chopsticks too.

    i’m so sorry you had to spend your day in the hospital, but so happy Haven is okay. sounds like an eventful week. 🙂

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