It’s Raining

It’s raining. I am so thankful, we needed it and now I don’t have to wash my car for awhile.:) So, last night we watched the girls sing on A.I. It was really good, and I found out that Mandisa sings on Travis Cottrell’s praise team. The reason I figured that out is that while she was walking out to be introduced she did ‘I’m Beleiving God’ with her hands. (a hand motion we are doing in our Believing God study by Beth Moore) Travis Cottrell sings at Beth Moore’s conferences. Too neat! And then, I found her website today while I was doing some research and it’s It is not up right now, probably since she’s on A.I. and is under a contract of some sort, but I thought it was really neat! A sister in Christ who is believing God right along with me!!:)
In other news, I found out this morning that Haven has a spot in K-3 this coming fall, so we’re excited. She really should be in K-4, but she needs to be 4 by September 1st and she won’t be 4 until September 4th!:) But we’re excited, and we have her potty trained, so that is a huge praise as well.
Enjoy the rain today and keep believing,
PS-I’m going to be an aunt of a sweet little boy! Jill and my brother just found out this morning. YAY!!


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  1. mindi11

    my sister’s birthday is sept 4! she was always the youngest in her class 🙂

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