Razorbacks, Tornados, and a Movie

Weird title, but pretty much sums up the weekend. This was Haven at the game yesterday–it was such a beautiful day-79 degrees and sunburn included. The HOGS won and are ranked #10, oh yeah!!
Saturday we went to The Flying Burrito for dinner and had some awesome food!! It was so much better than Moe’s mexican last Friday. We then went and rented ‘Walk the Line’ and it was so good! I was so amazed at how Reese Whitherspoon’s character was so faithful in the end to Johnny Cash. It was just really good. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you should rent it.
We then had a crazy night/early morning this morning with tornado sirens. They interupted my Grey’s Anatomy last night so I couldn’t see the end, and we watched the weather up until about 11:00, after I found out my parents were okay. (they live near the worst of the storm/tornados that happened) We went to bed and the sirens woke us up about 1:00. So we got Haven and headed into the kitchen to wait it out for about 45 minutes. Once it was safe, we put Haven back in her bed and watched a bit more of the weather. I did have to say at times, it was a bit scary, especially when it got quiet…….so we got to bed about 2:00. It was a crazy night!!!
Please be praying for Haven. We are in a different stage of her learning and watching others and then doing exactly what they do/say. It has been a long weekend in that aspect, just disrespect, actions, ect. and we are really working with her, but please just also pray for the kids she stays with during the week. I am praying with Katherine (who watches Haven) that we would be able to just speak truth into our children and equip them. So prayers for that would be great!! Posted by Picasa



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2 responses to “Razorbacks, Tornados, and a Movie

  1. mindi11

    i love the flying burrito!! super yummy. šŸ™‚

    the tornado weather was crazy and interrupted my grey’s anatomy too. i sat on the porch and watched the sky for the longest time. it was so warm outside, but the crazy part was how COLD it was the next morning when i went to work.

    we are dealing with lots of wild emotions and tantrums and bad behavior with annabelle right now. it really comes out when we are away from home (visiting friends or family) and is frustrating for me and quite embarrassing. i’m so thankful for dustin, because he handles it way better than i do. he’s more patient with her than i ever could be.

  2. Kara

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I also get a tad embarrassed, especially because her personality in general is really the opposite as to the way she is acting. I am praying it’s a phase and that I would have the patience to handle it correctly and actually address her, and not just get frustrated. (which happens a lot:))
    Thanks for the reassurance.

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