My blog finally finished it’s ‘maintenance’……….

My blog finally finished it’s ‘maintenance’……..never knew it needed such things, but glad it’s done so I can actually post.
Just checked in on the Razorbacks-they are losing 23-30 at the start of the second half. Hopefully we can pull out with the win!! We’ll see.
In other news, it’s been about a month (so it seems) since I have last had a tea at McAlister’s, so I was able to quench my craving today for lunch with Kelley. It is oh so good!!
One of my best friends, Natasha, is about to have her third baby, a boy, hopefully anytime. We are praying and believing for a wonderful delivery and protection for both. Her oldest daughter, Trinity, and Haven are 3 months apart, so it’s been fun. She also has another daughter, Brayden, and then this third, which they are naming Israel. (one of the names I had picked out for ours, if we have one, unbeknownst to Tasha:)) But that’s okay. If we end up keeping that name, we’ll just ask Tasha for ‘copyright’ for our baby.:)
Anyway, that’s about all for now, except that Melissa McGhee was voted off AI this week. Agghh, how sad, but I guess it pays to actually remember the lyrics of the song you are singing.


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