Time for an update

It’s been a bit since I have last posted. It has been pretty busy lately. I cleaned out our garage this weekend and arranged some things, threw out some things, and cleaned my car out.
My dear friend, Natasha, had her baby early Sunday morning. Israel Christenberry Wood weighed 5 pounds and is perfect. I will have to post a picture on here soon. We saw them Sunday evening and it was so awesome to hold a newborn again……he was so sweet.
I worked Monday with Haven at the office with me–that was interesting and a VERY long day.
Yesterday Haven and I went to lunch with my aunt at McAlister’s and had a salad and some tea. It was oh so yummy!! I then came home and cleaned my house from top to bottom in preparation for my Mary Kay party that I was hosting. Not many showed up, okay, no one did but Kelley, but it was fun and we got some good stuff. I am hoping that it will help my complexion on my face……then it was off to work this morning.
My mom, Haven, and I are going to Tulsa/Owasso tomorrow morning through Saturday to house sit for my brother and sister in law. Should be fun and a nice little break.
Okay, update complete.


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