We had a great time this week/weekend with my mom and Haven. Some cute things that she did/said this weekend that I didn’t want to forget:

‘Mommy, do you have a baby in your tummy?’
‘No Haven, I don’t.’
‘Well, because it isn’t God’s time yet.’
‘Well, when I get married, I am going to have a baby in MY tummy.’

Speaking of babies, we got to see the ultrasound pictures of my nephew this weekend. They are naming him Ethan Paul. (Paul is my brother’s middle name) Mom and I got a bunch of cute boy clothes-it was fun since we have just been getting girl clothes all this time.:):)

Another fun thing that Haven did is on the way to work this morning, she was doing the motions to a song she learned this weekend from her Super Stong God video and it was so fun to watch her in the car and it made me smile! Especially b.c she is worshipping the Lord and having fun at the same time.

We are in the process of doing a Bible Verse every few weeks and talking about it–in the car, ect. I need to be a more organized mommy and have stuff like this planned for her so she doesn’t get so bored and into things.:)
Anyway, another new stage of mommyhood…..
Also, she picked the Sesame Street kite over the Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bear one…..not much of a girly girl, as I am slowly finding out, little by little.
Happy Monday.


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  1. Maris O' Haira

    Haven is so cute:)I think you make a great mommy.hehe. It was good to see you on Sunday! I really liked the church. It was alot of fun and very different from the ordinary.
    Love you and I hope you are having a great week!

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