Tuesdays with Mommy

Now that our Bible Study is over for the summer, Haven and I are getting to spend time together all day on Tuesdays. Yesterday, we slept in (until 7:45) and then got up and went to Target to find her some sandals. We were successful, so we came home to eat some lunch and play out in the back yard with the dogs. While we were outside, I painted a little side table that was in our kitchen-painted it black, and then distressed our kitchen chairs that have been painted since last summer. Haven took a nap, so I watched ‘The Notebook’ and chilled for a bit, then pulled some weeds outside until Haven woke up.
We then went to Sonic to get a drink and went to the park. We walked with my aunt and then let Haven play for a bit. It is always so fun to watch her interact with other kids, especially in a setting like the play ground. She had a blast!
And then to end the day, we went to our local Chinese joint with Kelley and Cambron for some Chinese food overload. It was good. A bath, some time with her daddy, and then to bed. It was a good, long, enjoyable day.


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  1. Steph

    That sounds like a perfect day. I can’t wait to be closer to everyone. Maybe then I can join you guys at the park. That would be fun. Well Thank you for praying for me and my test I made a 100% The bigger test is tomorrow so say a little prayer. Love ya have a great day.

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