Storms and a 3 1/2 year old

Last night we had some storms again. Haven did great at first and told Micah she liked to watch the storm. (espeically the lightning) Once it got really bad, she came running into the living room and was crying, saying ‘Mommy, daddy, I don’t like the storm anymore’. We held her as we watched Charles Salser tell us the weather….once it was pretty well over, we laid her back in her bed and she was asking about the lightning that was still going on, and I said ‘Well, God makes it do that’. And she said ‘Is God outside?’ And I said ‘Yes, He is, and He’s with you too, even though you can’t see him’. I told her how we can always go to God when we are afraid or need Him, or even when we are happy, we can pray and talk to Him’. I think she was okay, but you could tell her little mind was thinking about God being in the room with her even though she couldn’t see Him or the angels that were protecting us. We prayed again and when I checked on her 5 minutes later, she was asleep.
I love her.


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