It’s sad when you are so into a show that you dream about it and it seems so real. I had a dream last night that I was McDreamy’s little sister, and it even had Meredith (aka Ellen Pompeo) in it, and I hope that the season finale show ends like my dream ends. I’ll let you know when that time comes……crazy, I also thought that Heath Ledger was in our local Panera Bread this morning. I about flipped, and then realized, it wasn’t him, and if it was, he certainly wouldn’t be in a Panera Bread in Fayetteville Arkansas.
I would be a bad aunt if I didn’t post a picture of my nephew, Cambron, on his 5th birthday!! I can’t believe he is 5! He is such a sweet, fun boy and we have had such a good time with him thus far. He is all boy, and him and Haven have the best time, especially now, riding their bikes together.:)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMBRON! We love you so much and are excited to see how the Lord is using you for Him!!


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  1. mindi11

    i KNEW i should have stopped at panera this morning… 🙂

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