The weekend was a bit crazy, but good. We went to …

The weekend was a bit crazy, but good. We went to the Razorback baseball game Friday night with my in laws. It was a really good one! Haven got some popcorn from her Bopa, so she had fun!:) We then saw my cousin and aunt as we were leaving there and chatted with them for a bit. Saturday, we did some home improvement on the house and played outside a bit. I cooked a dish for yesterday’s lunch and went to Lowe’s while Haven took a nap.
Yesterday was a bit busy and long, but good. We went to church and kept nursery and had a great time. There is this sweet girl who is half chinese and half american. (that sounds a bit weird) But her name is Hazel and she is so cute!! We had a good time. We then went to my aunt’s for lunch and a quick easter egg hunt for Haven. She then hid the eggs again after she found them for us to find. It was fun! She of course got a huge easter basket with goodies in it (M & M’s, garden tools, lip stick, ect.) and got to paint eggs. She took a 5 minute nap in the car on the way to my in laws house (we looked back in her car seat and she was asleep and then 5 minutes later she rubbed her eyes and said ‘Daddy, I already took a nap–‘) So needless to say, by the time 8:00 came last night, it had been a long day. She hunted eggs at my in laws (or candy was more like it:)) and then we played baseball and everytime we looked over to check on Haven, she had candy in her mouth.:) She has to get it while the gettin’s good I guess.:) She doesn’t get it much at home, so she has to do it every chance she gets. We stayed outside for most of the evening/day and it was beautiful! Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day and that you sent your Son to die for us and that He didn’t stay there!
As a result of my sugar overdose last night (not to mention the fact that I had caffiene for the first time in months, and I didn’t realize it was 7:30) I couldn’t sleep until 2 this morning……..good times today I guess.:)
My sister in law Stephanie and my cousin Erin took some pictures yesterday that I will try to see if I can get to post.


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