Dr. Day

Today was Dr. day for me again. I went to see a rheumotologist about possible lupus. It was a bit of a frustrating morning, as we sat in there. In short, the DR. doesn’t think I have lupus after a series of questions and the checking of my joints. He does, however, feel like the blood work from my OB/GYN was inaccurate and had me have more blood work done. They took 2 1/2 vials, and for a few minutes, felt a bit weak, but all went well. THEN, Haven tripped over some ladies exposed computer cords in an attempt to run away from her daddy, thus prompting the lady to fill out an ‘incident’ report so that we wouldn’t sue the pants off of them. (the could’ve just paid for our hefty bill that we had to pay up front–and called it good) But, I must say that the tea I had at McAlister’s for lunch just about made up for the yucky morning we had and the fact that I got to have lunch with my husband made the whole morning worth it! I love him so much, more than I ever thought I would!
Please pray for clarity for me as I try to sort out what the different DR.’s have told me. The information both have given me seems to contradict the other and it’s hard to know what to do…..only He knows, and I am praying that He would reveal to me the right thing, as well as Micah and that we would both have a peace beyond our understanding. Also prayer for my mind, as I am a thinker, and that I would think on things above, period. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement thus far. I look forward to how He uses this for Him yet again! The verse He brought to my mind Monday night was the one about ….may the Lord bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you….I prayed that over my friends and family and now, I have been praying that over myself as well…..
Believing Him,


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