My Iced Caramel Machiatto

Last night, my sweet husband brought me a new Starbucks drink. I had never thought much of iced drinks. (it always reminds me of ice in milk-YUCK!!) Anyway, he brought me an iced caramel machiatto and it is SOOOOOOO good. It was my dinner. AND, I went on the website and checked out the nutrition facts and it is more nutritious (if you use non fat milk vs. whole milk) than my normal Starbucks drink consisting of anything Frappuccino. So, I think we’re going to B and N tonight to get another again!:)
This morning we went to our local salvation army thrift store to drop off Haven’s doll house that she never plays with to free up some more room. I explained to her why we were doing it and when we got there, she had a bit of trouble letting it go. I again explained to her that we were giving it away b.c there were other kids that didn’t have as much as she did and we were sharing with them, PLUS, she never played with it anyway. About a minute went by, and she said ‘But mom, those weren’t kids, those were mans.’ (referring to the men that helped me unload my car. Usually the first thing she says when she first wakes up is ‘Where’s daddy’? Well, the other day, she woke up (in our bed) and said ‘Mommy, why is your bed so loud?’ (it sqeaks a bit when you sit up) But it has been good in the mornings lately b.c she has been cuddling with me when she first wakes up…putting her head on my shoulders and rubbing and patting my back, while I do the same to hers. It has been so fun! With all her crazy things she does, that more than makes up for it!
Enjoy the weekend and if you get a chance, try the iced caramel machiatto. YUMMY stuff!


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