I was laying down with Haven this weekend so she w…

I was laying down with Haven this weekend so she would sleep. (didn’t work) But anyway, I had spanked her after repeated times of telling her to be still and quiet. (as I wanted to sleep too) She cried pretty hard and then said ‘Mommy, I’m sorry’ in her sweet little voice, and I knew she meant it. I told her that I forgave her, but that she needed to obey. She said ‘Mommy, you hurt me’ and I preceeded to tell her that she hurts me when she doesn’t obey, ect. and then she said ‘Mommy, when I am a mommy and you are a little girl, and you get out of your bed and disobey, I’ll spank you.’ She was oh-so-matter-of-fact while saying this.:)
Had a good Mother’s Day. She made me a card, along with some bath salts at church and when I picked her up, she was so proud to give it to me. I then went to Wal-Mart to get a few things on our way home and I saw a yummy cookie cake that said ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and bought it for myself. When we got in the car, she looked in the bag in the back seat and saw that there was a cake. She said ‘Mommy, is that for me?’ and I said ‘No Haven, mommy bought it for me as a gift to myself (that sounds a bit selfish, huh??:)) and Haven then said ‘But mommy, it has an ‘H’ on it’. Meaning that anything that has an ‘H’ on it automatically means ‘Haven’ and it’s for her.



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2 responses to “I was laying down with Haven this weekend so she w…

  1. mindi11

    this is so sweet. haven is a lot like annabelle, i think, with just a little more spunk. 🙂

    annabelle tells me (when i’m upset with her)
    “mama, you broke my heart. it’s right there on the ground…broken.”

  2. Kara

    oh my goodness! that right there is enough to break MY heart.:)

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