Wal-Mart is AWESOME!!!

Okay, so many of you may not agree, but in this instance, I’m sure you’ll agree. My hubby has been working at the Shareholder’s meeting the past few days, and he just called and put me on speaker phone so I could hear the new A.I., Taylor Hicks. It was fun!! Heard him sing ‘Takin’ it to the Streets’. Micah also said Beyonce and Mary J. Blige were going to be there as well today. Yesterday, evidentally, they had Jessica Simpson and Halle Berry. So, they may overwork their associates some, as I can also attest to that, but they can sure bring in some awesome people for their annual meetings. The concert the other night was last year’s A.I., Carrie Underwood, and Rascall Flatts. I wanted to go, but wasn’t feeling up to it. Heard is was really good though.
So, just thought I’d share. Makes me want to work there again, so I can get those kind of perks…..ugghh, not really.:) I’m enjoying my post-Wal-Mart days.


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