My rant

Okay, so Micah and I own the duplex we currently live in and we rent out the other side. We always have people putting their Garage Sale signs in our yard, since it’s on the corner. I HATE that! They don’t even come and ask. Usually they are small signs, but yesterday, they proceeded to put a HUGE sign in our front yard and this morning when I went to leave, I couldn’t even see if there were any cars coming b.c I couldn’t see from the HUGE sign in my way. BLAH. Some people and their lack of curtesy. I think in the 4 years we have lived there, only one person has asked if they can post their sign, and to that we said ‘Sure!’. But every other person just thinks it’s okay, that it’s city property or something…….so, sorry if I offended any of you that make a habit of posting garage sale signs in people’s yards…….it’s just nice to have someone ask you first….done with my rant.
Have a great weekend!



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2 responses to “My rant

  1. micah

    Justin says that you should smash it with a bat as they are driving away. -m

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